Foreclosure Defense

The attorneys at Bachand & Bachand, P.A., have experience successfully defending homeowners facing a residential foreclosure complaint in Brevard County, Florida. As a homeowner, you are entitled to protection and remedies pursuant to a number of federal and state laws and regulations.  When dealing with your home, there is no substitute for experience.

Foreclosure is a long process in the Space Coast and most of the State of Florida. Too often, we meet with clients who were harassed or intimidated, by a bank representative, into leaving their home. You may have significant defenses, that you are not even aware of, that may stop or prevent the foreclosure of your home. Why do nothing and let your home be foreclosed?

With Bachand Family Law we help protect your rights, the case may slow down and put the mortgage banker and foreclosure mill in a position where it will need to comply with all legal procedures, and show the Court it complied with the law. Also, this may give us the opportunity to force the lender to produce all documents in its possession that may assist in your defense. If a discrepancy is found, we may be in a much better position to negotiate a FAIR settlement with your lender.

Our goal is to save your home, whether by defending your case to trial, obtaining a fair loan modification, or assisting you with bankruptcy.